Most Romantic Movies Of All Time

I’m more dismayed than I can say at missing a Valentine’s Day post on this blog!

Grandmére, who turns out to have been reading this blog all along, is the one who pointed that out.

She wasn’t too happy to hear that I even have a blog (or a flog, as she’s now calling it). But she says if I’m going to take on a commitment to my subjects, I had better do it right, the way a good princess should.

And so, duly chastened by Grandmére, I’m going to try to make it up to you, loyal readers, by posting clips from some of my—ow. OK, Lily is here visiting, and she says to add that they’re HERS, too—favorite romantic films of all time.

OK, as Lily says, enough talking, more posting:

1. The wet shirt scene in Pride and Prejudice (obviously):

Nice, right?

Okay, so now Tina just called and asked what we were doing and I told her, and she said to be sure to add the clip below. And don’t tell Boris!

2. The Lay All Your Love on Me Scene from Mamma Mia:

Tina’s right, as always.

All the Mr. Darcy scenes in Bridget Jones are hot (Lily wanted me to put just the fight scenes between him and Daniel, but that’s silly, and besides, embedding is disabled. You can click on it here though if you want). But we couldn’t put them ALL.

3. So here are just a few of the Mr. Darcy scenes in Bridget Jones:

Oh, Mr. Darcy!

Some people criticized this version of Jane Eyre for being too hot. But how can there be such a thing? And how do we know Charlotte Bronte didn’t picture it this way in her head? Just because she didn’t write, "then he ate her face" doesn’t mean she didn’t intend for him to do so. Sensibilities were more delicate back then, and she probably didn’t want to offend anyone.

OW, Lily, stop hitting me! I’m posting it already!

4. Hot Mr. Rochester trying to talk Jane into staying with him in this version of Jane Eyre:

Long, but worth it!

Of course there are a lot more, but we don’t have time to put them all up here, because we’re college students and one of us is a princess, and both of us have boyfriends waiting to go out for pizza.

If you have clips you want us to add, write to us at and we’ll try to put them in another post.

Edited to add later:

OK, Grandmére just read this (WHY IS SHE READING MY BLOG???) and she says that I am to humbly apologize to you, my royal subjects. I’m sorry. Of course I always have time for you.

And, no, Grandmére, I haven’t forgotten the most romantic movie of all time! Here it is:

5. Charade starring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant: the shower scene

(I suppose that’s what Grandmére thinks Michael does when he comes to visit me here in the dorm: Shower with his clothes on. HA! HA HA!)

OK, I just need to remember to delete that last part before I post so Grandmére doesn’t read it!




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