A Very Royal Holiday

I know what you’re thinking!  

You’re wondering what happened with Miss Polly Lollykins.

Never fear:  I made sure that she was returned (all parts fully in tact) to her rightful owner…

…after a small ransom was paid (in Grandma’s Cookies).

If you don’t know what Grandma’s Cookies are, they’re this type of cookie they sell in the student-run co-op where we go to buy all our snacks during study breaks.  

I’d never heard of Grandma’s Cookies before I came here to school, either, but they’re just like Oreos, only better, because Grandma made them.

(Ha, no.  She doesn’t, really.  At least, not my Grandma)!

I like the peanut butter kind best. They’re just so…chemically.

You would think Pamela would have caught on that her SUITEMATES were the kidnappers since all we asked for in return of her doll was 10 packs of peanut butter-flavored Grandma’s Sandwich Cookies (our favorite flavor).

And then afterwards, we were always sitting around, eating peanut butter-flavored Grandma’s Cookies.

But maybe she just didn’t want to believe it. She preferred to go on thinking the kidnapper was Michael. He’s so sweet, he played along.

Yes, my boyfriend is willing to pretend to be a kidnapper for me!

So, now it’s holiday break time and finals are over, and I made it through thanks to having so many Grandma’s Cookies.

And, OK, I know it was wrong to steal Pamela’s doll and that I’m a princess and a role model and I should have told my suitemates to stop torturing Pamela.

But college is for acting crazy! I could be doing much worse things! And Pamela actually liked the attention.

And it turns out cookies taste much better when they’re a doll’s ransom!

Speaking of ransom….

OMG, you guys, Ransom My Heart is finally out in England!

You can walk into any bookstore there and buy it!

It actually makes a brilliant gift, because all the author proceeds go to Greenpeace, so you’re doing something good for the environment and tiny baby penguins and seals and stuff when you buy a copy.

And look how gorgeous the UK cover is:

So pretty!

So for the holidays I’m off to Genovia (of course), but I didn’t want to go without dropping you a line to say I’ll be thinking about you while Grandmere is torturing me! Have a very happy Hanukkah, a great Christmas, an amazing Kwanzaa, and of course, an incredible New Year!



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