I know!   I haven’t updated in forever.  


But school is hard.                


And so is being a princess.  


Not to mention being a romance author.


Try combining all three!


Although being a romance author is actually a lot easier during a world wide global economic crisis than you might think.   Because who doesn’t want to escape into a fun romance novel in order to escape their troubles?


So good news!   Ransom My Heart will be coming out soon(ish"¦think this summer) in France!   Here’s the cover:




I’ll admit it isn’t very Fabioesque.   But it gets the point across.   In translation, it says, roughly:


A novel by a Princess:   Now let’s move on to super serious things


Okay, I don’t really get how that translates to Ransom My Heart either.  


And I’ve been told the publisher is removing some of the, um, steamier passages so they can keep the book in the children’s section (???).  


But, hey"¦whatever I have to do to keep the money flowing to Greenpeace.   Right?   I mean, look at this face:


I’m going to deny this face because the French want to remove a few nipple references?   Mais non!


It will still be the same book, just slightly abridged.


Anyway, it’s spring break, and guess where I am?   If you guessed Genovia, you’d be correct!


It’s super sunny and nice here. You should totally book a visit if you haven’t made your spring break plans yet.



Sadly, I’m not alone.   Or rather, not as alone as I’d like to be—I’m with my significant other.   THAT part is fine.  


It’s just that every single person I know, it seems like, has invited him or herself here for break along with us!  


Fortunately it’s too hot for certain of   them to wear sweaters and tuck them in to his pants. If that happened, my romantic spring break would be ruined FOR SURE.



Oh well.   Next time, I’ll know better than to tell anyone (other than my boyfriend) where I’m going!


Hope you’re having a great spring break!  Talk to you soon!







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