Liveblogging the Inaugural Ball

Hi! I’m writing this from the Inaugural Balls! Yes, the Genovian Royal Palace received invitations to the Inauguration, so I’m here at the Neighborhood Ball. I got to see this happen live:

Taken with my iPhone

It was so sweet. I loved the way Beyonce’s face crumpled up after she was done singing her song for the President and First Lady’s first dance. She just busted out crying!

I was wondering how she kept herself from breaking down the whole time (if you missed it click here). She is such a consummate professional!

I myself was bawling my eyes out. I had to excuse myself to go into the ladies room to fix my eye makeup. While I was in there, Shakira asked if she could borrow my lipgloss!!!!

I said yes of course because, well"¦she’s Shakira!!!! And she said she really liked my Missoni gown (which kind of surprised me because Grandmére picked it out and I kinda hated it but maybe not anymore…)

Anyway, Tina already texted me like five times wanting to know if I could hear what the Obamas were whispering to each other about when they were dancing (because I was so close to the stage).

And the truth is, I could! Grandmére totally drilled me in the art of lipreading. It is an essential skill for any princess who wants to avoid a coup (or score a Birkin bag).

Here’s what the First Lady and President were saying while they were dancing:

The First Lady to the President: Don’t you dare try to dip me.

The President to the First Lady: Come on. Just once.

The First Lady: No. I mean it, Barack. No way.

The President: Come on. It will be cool. I won’t drop you. I swear.

The First Lady: There is no freaking way you are dipping me on national television in this dress in front of Sting and Beyonce.

The President: You’re no fun.

The First Lady: Well"¦you can dip me when we get home later if you want.

The President: Awesome!

Taken with my iPhone

They’re so cute together! Just like me and my boyfriend. Who, by the way, won’t stop dipping me while we dance.

But it’s okay because the cameras are all pointed at the President and First Lady, so it’s not like anyone is going to notice us.

Which is good, since the truth is, I secretly kind of like being dipped.

Oops, I have to go now, they’re playing our song!



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